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Thursday, March 16, 2017 (62w) 0 Comments  By Anonymous

Tom's Burned Down Cafe in La Pointe, WI

Hi Guy, I'd like to suggest someplace I've never been to. People tell me it's great. A little north of Ashland Wisconsin, and a little south-east of Duluth Minnesota is laport Wisconsin, There on beautiful madeline island (yes I said island. it's part of the apostle islands in lake superior) is a funky little spot called tom's burned down café. yea it's really burned down but they don't burn the food. you could think of it as a diner because you can 'dine there'. 'drive in' may be streching it a bit since I don't know if the camero will float. you could stand on the shore line and 'dive' in. now how could a burned down café not be funky. so why not board the favortown flagship and float on over to tom's burned down café?



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