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Monday, April 10, 2017 (62w) 0 Comments  By Anonymous

The Cracker Box in Carson City, NV

I'll recommend The Cracker Box in Carson City, Nevada - how many wonderful diners have letters of appreciation from the former US Senate Majority on the wall? But I understand that you've called and they weren't very interested - probably because they have a sufficiency of business. But I wanted to make a point, about the key to a great eating place - and to your show: Social Capital is HIGH. That is, there are no strangers, and you feel like you're eating with family. THAT is one key that shines out from the places you visit, and your style. so even if you don't visit, just be aware of social capital. By the way, I was glad to see some old friends on the show - like Duarte's in Pescadero. The first time I ate there, as a young Ranger on the San Mateo Coast, Duarte's was the "only place to get a cup of coffee for miles." Still great, still high social capital. Keep up the good work. "Ranger" Don (Also teacher, writer, etc.)



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