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Wednesday, April 12, 2017 (62w) 0 Comments  By Anonymous

The Big Island Kona Mixed Plate restaurant in Bend, OR

The Big Island Kona Mixed Plate restaurant in the old mill district of Bend Oregon is fantastic. Ricky and Sheri Kim moved from Kona, Hi about 10 years ago, and opened their aloha and Hawaiian style cuisine to the residents of Bend, and the town welcomed them when it found out how delicious the food was. Ricky's spice pork and Kalbi ribs are the bomb. Bend is in the middle of the state and far away from balmy breezes and the warm Kona Pacific Ocean, but the restaurant's aloha spirit brings a little bit of Hawaii with its food selections. You have been up and down mainly near the coastline and I-5, and it's about time you check out Bend with its summer water and hiking activities, and snow sporting during the winter. Local residents and outdoor activity visitors from everywhere have enjoyed the Kims' food fare, and they come back regularly knowing their fave dishes will be consistent and delicious. Super food, super gracious owners, and a super town, see you there. Mahalo (thank you) !!!



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