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Saturday, July 06, 2013 (272w) 0 Comments  By Leigh Aten

Blackbeards Restaurant in South Padre Island, TX

Hey, Guy! I know you've visited a lot of Texas, but I never have seen you eat anywhere in deep South Texas or South Padre Island! This is not Corpus Christi!!! This is way the heck down here right before you get to Mexico!!! Okay, the island is great!!! You have to eat at Blackbeard's-the absolute best and largest onion rings EVER!!! With their ranch dressing is awesome, along with their Primo burger my fav (mushrooms and swiss) Plus they have a pretty righteous chicken fried steak plate! I don't eat seafood, but everyone tells me it's the bomb!! Sea Ranch is good too, but I love Blackbeard's!! When you come they also have a sea turtle rescue that is great for the kids, especially in the summer they release the baby Kemp's Ridley sea turtles! Adorable!! In Brownsville, where I live, Mexican food is fantastic! I love Antonio's! It's the best!!! Then the best BBQ in the Rio Grande Valley is at Longhorn BBQ in San Benito. Fabulous!!! Hope you can make it and enjoy Schlitterbahn water park at SPI too!



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