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Sunday, July 07, 2013 (276w) 0 Comments  By Teresa Hutchison

Maxs Family Cafe in Keno, OR

Recently a family cafe' was opened in a little town called Keno in the state of Oregon. This Cafe's round about story is a great one as its come full circle within the family. Lots of great tasting food and the decor is outstanding as well. Please check out the Facebook site for more information. Max's Family Cafe'.. Lots of pictures and stories there. Having Guy cross the California border into Oregon through the town of Weed would be the route to take as Lake Shasta is gorgeous this time of the year. Please contact me after you have checked out the Facebook site or you can also access the Cafe' by simply finding them on Google..Thank you for your time,TeresaMax's Family Cafe'15555 Hwy 66Keno, Oregon 97627




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