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Sunday, July 07, 2013 (276w) 0 Comments  By Ann Cherek

Greenbush Brewing Company in Sawyer, MI

So what do I have to say to convince you to come to,Greenbush - the food is unbelievable, maybe you could convince them to serve their corned beef more than just Wednesdays, it is the best I have ever had, unbelievable what they crank out of that small kitchen and smoker, you have to check it out, not that it isn't already busy, locals from Sawyer Michigan turned a laundrymat into a brew pub and eatery, they are doing something right and deserve a shout out, we stumbled in on day one bought a membership to support this new effort, we are mug club #10 they currently have 2,500+ members, we don't even live in Michigan!




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