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Monday, May 13, 2013 (280w) 0 Comments  By Patty Denton

DT Kirby's

I think Guy needs to go to DT Kirby's in downtown Lafayette, IN. There burgers are some of the best I have EVER had...simply amazing! This place is a total dive bar which from the outside looks like there is no way there could be good food. And it is tiny...maybe 5-6 tables max and then bar seating. The burgers are seriously juicy and come with all sort of topping options. But there are 2 things to be wary of - 1) don't ask for ketchup, 2) if you ask for your burger anything but medium rare prepare to be harassed by the owner. Okay - to be honest he will probably bust your chops anyway but that is part of the fun!Guy you really need to check this place out. Triple X (West Lafayette, IN - was on Triple D) has some good burgers but DT Kirby's is a whole different level of burger.Patty



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