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Friday, August 18, 2017 (62w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Outlaws Burger Barn and Creamery in Vineland, NJ

In Vineland NJ Outlaws Burger Barn and Creamery. Head to down town a few minutes is Millies Restaurant. Around the corner from there still in Vineland is Olympia Greek Restaurant. Down the road from there a few minutes Millville NJ is Jim's Lunch. Outlaws Burger Barn and Creamery is new to the scene and has hit the ground running. It took over an existing Deli/Custard stand and completely reinvented it. The shopping center it is in also houses Main's Meat Market where you can see the burgers throughout the day being walked down to the barn. Fresh ground daily throughout. They serve some of the best most juicy tender burgers I have ever had. Their toppings are mouthwatering and creative. My favorites are The Barn Burger, Avocado Ranch, and the Aunt Milly in that order. My husband prefers the off menu hotdog that has pickled jalapeƱos and I think bacon? I forget what else. Its huge. My middle daughter always gets the farm fresh that has bacon and eggs. Their wings are awesome and have some en fuego sauce that screams with flavor along with the heat. Their ice cream is our favorite in town as well with huge sizes! Millies is a Mexican/El Salvadorian mom and pop restaurant that is fairly new and is doing very well. Fantastic Guac and the enchiladas verde fantastic. My husband's favorite is the Sopa Azteca. Very friendly and inviting. Olympia has been around for generations. It is the go to best greek in the area. The interior is as though you are transported to Greece. I absolutely love their Dolmadakia with their greek salad. Sometimes I add the Gyro meat which sends it over the top. Best greek dressing I have ever had. They make some of the best soups too! Jim's lunch is a true hole in the wall gem. Mike Trout is a regular. Family owned and operated for generations. Its like you step back in time to soda pop shop days. Their special sauce is a definite try. You definitely should swing by South Jersey to these favorites. We are about half way between Philadelphia and Atlantic City in the farm regions. The real garden state!




  1. Anonymous
    Friday, August 18, 2017
    Outlaws Burger Barn & Creamery, 1370 S. Main Road , Vineland, NJ 08360
    Best burgers I've ever had, you won't  be disappointed



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