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Tuesday, July 09, 2013 (276w) 0 Comments  By Dawn Krueger

Dexters Thornton Park in Orlando, FL

Hey Guy, I know you're always looking for Funky and delicious food.. and because I like you, I want to tell you about a local joint that seriously rocks out some amazing grub... Dexter's, in Thornton Park.. and the food is AS FRESH AS IT COMES... My favorite is the Pressed Duck and Brie! It's out of this world! Pasta to die for and the Cafe Menu is off the chain.. You HAVE TO COME TO ORLANDO.. and hey.. that's just ONE of the Crazy great Resturants in Thornton Park. Around the corner, all within a few blocks.. are SEVERAL hot spots to find food that won't break the bank, and will have you in TEARS over how delicious it is... it's worth the trip Dude... PROMISE. here's the link, for the cafe lunch menu at Dexters!




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