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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 (53w) 2 Comments  By Anonymous

Comfi in Old Bridge, NJ

Sir, first and foremost i would like to tell you that: I take GREAT pleasure in watching your show. I could go on babbling and gushing etc...but it would take up too much room here! fun fact: I have been "turned onto" one of the coolest, bad**** BANGIN places that i have ever been daughter "discovered it" (!!!) It's called COMFI and it's located in Old Bridge NJ (there is also one in Belmar, nj which may or may not appeal to your oceanic roots.) okay the pitch: Great eats, HUMONGOUS portions and ridiculously reasonable price-wise. tiny little homey place in a strip mall! (I know right? a STRIP MALL in NEW JERSEY?!?!) heeheehee anyway...please don't EVER stop making episodes of DDD-I (As many others obviously do) live vicariously through your exploits! Well...I just thought that you might like to check out this exceptional establishment with their amazing staff (No REALLY!!) if you're ever in the area 'ohhh fuggedabahdit' swing on by and be prepared to be wowed. Happy travels! ^.^ Fondly, Susan "The Queen" Morales




  1. Anonymous
    Wednesday, October 18, 2017
    Hi, Guy. I'm writing to you about a warm and friendly (and usually pa Hi, Guy. I'm writing to you about a warm and friendly (and usually packed) little Polish restaurant called Comfi in Old Bridge, NJ. Their food is delicious...and plentiful! They unabashedly serve huge portions and are best known for their breakfasts. You can get giant pancakes, crispy home fries and bacon, delicious pierogies, kielbasa, and more at great prices. The service is efficient, thorough, and kind. It's eclectic decor adds to the atmosphere and makes your visit even better. I know you've gotten two other recommendations for you and your crew to visit Comfi's, and I'm hoping this third one does the trick! It's time for you to come back to New Jersey! Please, please check Comfi's out. My family and I love your show. We only wish we could visit all the locations in your travel guide. Hoping to see you at Confi's someday soon! Warm regards from a true fan, Shelly Butrica
  2. Anonymous
    Wednesday, October 18, 2017
    Comfi in Old Bridge New Jersey, what makes this place amazing is the p Comfi in Old Bridge New Jersey, what makes this place amazing is the pride they take in making HOMEMADE food. They have everything you could imagine from a British Banger to the Polish Sampler to stuffed French toast. Everyone needs to experience this place once in there lifetime.



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