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Wednesday, July 10, 2013 (272w) 0 Comments  By Mark Allen Neveu

Islands Fresh Mexican Grill in Wilmington, NC

First off I'd like to say triple D is my favorite show on tv. Guy is the greatest entertainer on Food network and has my dream job. I was introduced to Islands fresh tex mex over a year ago by traveling to Wilmington NC. I noticed on Flavortown you haven't visited this area. This restaurant has a real relaxed beach vibe with a walk through build as you go taco shop.(all types of soft and hard tacos) The employees really care about customer satisfaction and quality. They use fresh local grown produce, hormone free chicken, farm raised fish, and msg free. I make it a point to eat there everytime I'm in Wilmington sometimes more than once a day. I would like to thank Food network and Guy Fieri for the opportunity to post an opinion. P.s growing up with a single mom working 3rd shift I have Food network to thank for learning how to cook and expand my horizons on foods thank you.



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