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Thursday, July 11, 2013 (275w) 0 Comments  By Lauren Gregg

Eggs Up Grill in Conway, SC

I have been visiting my best friend in Conway, SC for the past three years and have not been to a better diner than Eggs Up Grill. I'm from New Jersey, and as you know we are famous for our diners. However, Eggs Up is a small, local diner in Conway and has the best service and breakfast food I have ever had. Their omelets are to die for, as well as their eggs benedict and breakfast sandwiches. There really isn't a bad item on the menu. The service at Eggs Up is amazing, and everyone is so nice (not just because they're from the south). It is a real mom and pop feel and there is always a line out the door, but people will never leave to go somewhere else. The waitresses actually use iphone devices to take your order so the cooks get the order before they even leave your table! Eggs Up Grill is truly an awesome place to eat not just for locals, but tourists and visitors as well. Being so close to Myrtle Beach there are not many places you can go for a great breakfast without paying an arm and a leg, but Eggs Up is affordable and a great southern atmosphere! I really hope you'll be able to check this out!




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