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Friday, July 12, 2013 (271w) 0 Comments  By jennifer Hoffman

Off the Waffle in Eugene, OR

Guy, i love you and i love your show! i really hope you consider coming to where i work! its a totally awesome place called Off the Waffle! the owner is Omer Orian. He is such a cool guy and he's very passionate about serving quality ingredients and organic and local as much as possible. he has a really cool story that is available on our website! check it out along with our waffle's names!!! p.s. MY favorite is the sweet funk machine!!! but the no really though! is also amazing! but our number seller is the Goat in Headlights!So our thing is our Waffle's!!! they are homemade secret liege waffle recipe, and we serve then with awesome toppings and some totally random names, as you can see!!! your gonna love it i promise! just check us out and if you have any question or anything feel free to email back and i think it would be so cool to have you come to eugene, since you've only gone to portland!i love you!!! Jenniferplease please please come here!!!!!



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