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Monday, July 15, 2013 (271w) 0 Comments  By Zachary Bekken

Oskars Cafe in Dadeville, AL

Dear Guy or whomever will read this,I am writing in to suggest one of my favorite places I have eaten at. My dad and I are practically obsessed with your show and we cook or try to cook many of the recipes we see on the show! I live in Birmingham, Alabama and am a student at the University of Alabama. Lake life in the south is one of the most enjoyable experiences and Lake Martin is one of the prettiest lakes right outside of Auburn. There is a restaurant called Oskar's Cafe that is really close to Lake Martin and every time I am down there with my family we make it a point to eat there even multiple times! It is a family run business and through our countless visits I have become friends with much of the staff and even worked there for a summer. They serve the best of whatever you can imagine from fried catfish and tuna to hamburger steaks and killer sandwiches. They even named a sandwich after my Uncle called the "Jimmy melt". If there is anytime you are passing through Alabama this place is a must to visit. I know it would mean a lot to Oskar (one of the co-owners and a good friend who said there was no way I could get it on triple D.) I would love to add any information if needed and look forward to hearing from you!!Thanks so much for your time, Zach [email protected]



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