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Tuesday, July 16, 2013 (275w) 0 Comments  By Mary Koncos

Superdawg Drive-In in Wheeling, IL

Dear Guy! There is a great place that my dad absolutely LOVED to go to! It is called Superdawg drive-in. It has a variety of food, but it is most famous for its Chicago style hot dogs with bright/fluorescent green piccalilli. It's menu ranges from hot dogs to huge (and filling) burgers (e.g., the supercheesie) to fish, and every meal comes with their wonderful Superfries. It started as a car-hop, and has since expanded slightly to have inside seating in one of their select few locations. It is also known for the boy and girl larger-than-life hot dogs that are on top of the roof and light up when the sun goes down. The original location of Superdawg is located on Milwaukee Avenue at the corner of Devon and Nagle in Chicago. My family and I have since discovered the location in Wheeling. We love it! I has kept the feel of the original Superdawg. Since his passing in February, my mom, sister, and I have decided to go to every Father's Day and on his birthday every year. Superdawg is a landmark of Chicago, and a definite place that needs to be visited when in the area!




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