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Monday, July 22, 2013 (270w) 0 Comments  By Stacey Swilley

Brigadoon Fish Camp in Port Orange, FL

Brigadoons in Port Orange Florida is a must.Awesome waterfront dive has the smallest lil kitchen but has the biggest flavor unknown in the area. If you like surf food and staple beans and rice with every meal then this is your spot. Specifically the Poke yellow fin tuna in a taco or bowl will blow your taste buds to smithereens. Fresh blue crab with a C not a K., panko fried fresh fish taco's. Dam this is making my mouth water just thinking about it. One of the best parts about this dive dine in is that you can access this place via water from anywhere as far as Maine, Bahamas, or locally by boat or car. It's location is off US Hwy 1. or as I like to visit by boat on the intercostal waterway. Watch out for the ghost pepper secret sauce (XXX) Only served by request. Tell Chef Ryan we sent you and that Gordan Ramsey can kiss his butt. Feel free to contact me back and I'll personally show you what the real deal about this place is all about. Respectfully,Stacey



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