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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 (266w) 0 Comments  By Tasa Salyards

Big Mac & Little Lu's in Westminster CO

Guy - or whoever @ flavortown is reading this... :DI just ate at Big Mac & Little Lu's Seafood Market & Grill... & that place is amazing. Hands down, the best fish tacos I've ever had. It even beats my favorite joint out on the PCH near Del Mar, CA.Jerk grilled white fish in a flour tortilla with jicama, peppers, mangos and a fresh cream sauce served with black beans and a side of freshly made guacamole!! YUMMM!Guy, You have GOT to check this place out. They fly in fresh fish from FL (every week?) ... you can dine in or pick your cut and take it home with you. NOT to mention... they have everything you would need to prepare a full meal, in the market! Onions, Garlic, FISH Fry, Seasoning... BEER. ;)Colorado has some of the best food - come back, you know you love us... give us some cred! :)))kthxbai!-Taša Salyards720-530-4910



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