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Thursday, July 25, 2013 (277w) 1 Comments  By Drew Nelson

Fat Nats Eggs in New Hope, MN

Hey Guy (and Guy's crew), Figured I had to tell you about this phenomenal local breakfast joint in New Hope, MN, a small suburb of Minneapolis, called Fat Nat's Eggs. Authentic huevos rancheros (the best!) and other personally crafted dishes that don't allow substitutions or other changes (I believe the menu literally says, "I make 'em the way you should eat 'em." So, you follow Nat's rules. His homemade chunky salsas (there are a few of them) are super spicy/tasty. American fries are cooked slabs of red potatoes, so by the time you get the dish, proportions are insane (i.e. fully stuffed omelettes on a bed of about a half lb. of red taters.) They also have a to-die-for breakfast grilled cheese/ham/egg served over hashbrowns with hollandaise sauce, and a triple-berry french toast dish with fruit swirls that are very good. The service is ALWAYS more-than-friendly, but never in an annoying way. Larger dining area with big cafeteria-style windows to look in on all the bustling cooking activity. Thought it might be right up your alley! Hope you can come out to try soon. Take care!




  1. Anonymous
    Thursday, July 25, 2013
    Fat Nat's eggs 3540 Winnetka Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55427 fatnatseg Fat Nat's eggs 3540 Winnetka Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55427 awesome breakfast diner! constantly crowded, sassy owner, unbelivably good eggs benedicts. this is a must visit!!!



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