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Saturday, February 10, 2018 (36w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Michelle Faedo’s Tampeño Cuisine in Tampa, FL

Michelle Faedo’s Tampeño Cuisine, TAMPA, FLORIDA has hands-down, absolutely, undoubtedly, positively the best, most perfect cuban sandwich in all the world. Michelle faedo's food truck now in brick and mortar in downtown tampa.- 1210 Ray Charles Blvd. Michelle is incredibly sweet and has such a kind heart. Having you visit would do so much for her business, but also bless her socks off!




  1. Anonymous
    Saturday, February 10, 2018
    Central Avenue was home to Ray Charles in 1948. He bicycled around the Central Avenue was home to Ray Charles in 1948. He bicycled around the area that inspired and gave birth to his first recording: I Found My Baby There. This is where you will find the locally owned Michelle Faedo's Tampeno Cuisine with favorites like deviled crabs, empanadas, yellow rice, black beans, award winning cubans sandwiches remain on the menu, and Faedo’s will add Spanish bean soup, chowders, and gumbos. They also have Italian Day and seafood Fridays with paella, shrimp pasta, seafood gumbo and fresh salad, as well as a variety of sandwiches made fresh to order. When you visit you feel like you are at home people are friendly and welcoming the following are Michelle's comments: "I am a Tampa girl and that's what I was raised with," Faedo said. "Our sandwiches are hand-made, infused with the flavors we grew up with." The concept, which holds awards for the best Cuban sandwich, started in the back kitchen of a mom-and-pop grocery store in 1996 as Faedo's Deli. She went from a food truck to the store front you should visit Faedo's the food is great it reminds me of the food I ate as a kid growing up in the Yvor City area of Tampa. fresh ingredients with meats, seasoning and sauces balanced best devil crabs and cuban sandwich in Tampa. The atmosphere is lively. Pop music plays while Michelle runs the grill and yells greetings from behind her stainless steel station. TGreat palce to eat hope you viisit.



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