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Saturday, July 27, 2013 (269w) 0 Comments  By Marcus Dewanye Fields

Two great restaurants in Harlan County, KY

Guy there is a pizza joint in Harlan to die for you have got to try it they have the large pizza for 13 dollar's and it is off the chain THE PIZZA IS CALLED THE GARDEN. The place use to be a bigg bank and and the bank was the main bank of the whole county up stair's is the bar were the loan office use to be I don't know if the vault is still in the building but it is a big place and down stair's is were the kitchen and seating area is and they have a lot of history about Harlan county and the business is new here because the city limit's got voted WET for booze and wiskey the bank use to be call the H.N.B and we have more new place's to eat and drink in harlan county that you should try too. And when you come to Harlan look me up and I will show you were it is at. Thank's Guy and God bless you and your family for ever and ever.



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