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Sunday, July 28, 2013 (273w) 0 Comments  By Gary S

Poky Dot Restaurant in Fairmont, WV

Yea it's called the "Poky Dot Restaurant" in Fairmont WV. Step back into the 60's. You have to check out lavy. Talk about colors. Now to the food ~ this place has a menus that you can spent a half hour reading. The big breakfast is served on a trash can lid (clean of course). I can't see how any normal person could eat it all. but if you do, you get T Shirt. We didn't try it. My Grandson and I were traveling and had breakfast. He had a Mexican Omelet covered with chili. Wow the flavors were wonderful. Yea grandpa can get away stealing food but I did it when he wasn't looking for fear of being stabbed by a fork. I had the spinach omelet and it was cheesy. Just load with flavor. Both of us walked out with our lunch in hand as we couldn't finish but half the food. They also had a nice selection of homemade pies from their in house bakery. I'm over four hours away and I'm trying to figure out a reason to stop by for desert one day. It's worth the trip.




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