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Friday, March 30, 2018 (30w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Butter My Biscuit in Waco, TX

Butter My Biscuit in Waco Texae! Awesome scratch made biscuits and powerful pimento cheese there are magical things coming out of her kitchen!




  1. Anonymous
    Friday, March 30, 2018
    Butter my Buscuit. A truly unique Butter my Buscuit. A truly unique restaurant. It’s located inside of a gaming store filled with board games, dungeon and dragon sets, classic pinball games and old video console games dating back to Atari. Because of this I didn’t expect much out of the kitchen but I was completely surprised to find the food so rich and flavorful. An unusual business model for sure, but it works. With loyal customer base, both for the food and the fun, nostalgic setting. It’s a great meal surrounded by guys that look like they belong on an episode of the Big Bang theory.



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