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Monday, July 29, 2013 (273w) 0 Comments  By Kayla Luebke

Baumgartners Cheese Store in Monroe, WI

Baumgartner's is a quaint little dive in Monroe Wisconsin. Located a mere two blocks from Minhas Brewery, it serves local beer, and the best cheese sandwiches out of anywhere. Of course that's what you get when you live in "Cheese Country" right? On Wednesday's they have THE BEST ribs I've ever eaten. Not to mention their "2nd Best Chilli". I could go on for days about it. Baumgatrtner's has it's own special decor, featuring a mural titled "The Battle of the Spirits". Wine Vs. Beer anyone? If you're ever headed this way, you definitely need to stop here. Lots of locals, lots of great cheese and beer, and if you donate a dollar, they'll throw it up and stick it to the ceiling for you. They collect all the money at the end of the year and donate it to charity. This place is really a local gem and I think everyone should know about it.




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