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Monday, July 29, 2013 (273w) 0 Comments  By Kiana Namvansy

Golden Harvest in Lansing Charter Township, MI

Guy Fieri, This restaurant is anything but ordinary! It blast techno music as loud as loud could go, the atmosphere that comes off the cooks and staff is unforgettable (in a good way). The line outside the door may take a few hours but the food is worth the wait! My personal favorite item is the pancake waffle (pancake stuffed with fresh berries and a waffle topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar!) Now they do have a few rules: don't be a dick, there is no line just remember when you got there, no ordering to-go, ect. This is a Michigan treasure! It's North Lansing agianst the world Golden Harvest 1625 Turner St, Lansing Charter Township, MIHey well I have the chance I'm gonna say your one of my role models and idol! One day I hope to meet you that would be a dream come true! Well that's all I have to say so "I'll see you next time on Diners, Drivins, and Dives"....




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