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Saturday, April 14, 2018 (27w) 1 Comments  By Anonymous

Good Times in Tierra Verde, FL

Good Times in Tierra Verde Florida. It's an awesome Chech restaurant that is run by Marie and Sid. They have been cooking the classic European dishes since 1975. It's a hole in the wall place that is packed with people who love there food. Everything is made fresh every day. Marie shops every morning for the fresh fish,meats,bread and vegetables. Its amazing how she pulls it off. They serve Haker ale and other chech beers. I would love to see them finally get the recognition that they deserve for the fine food and the personal experience you get every time you go. Thank you for your support of small businesses and bringing them to the main level where they deserve to be.




  1. Anonymous
    Saturday, April 14, 2018
    My recommendation is a small restaurant in tierra verde Florida. It's My recommendation is a small restaurant in tierra verde Florida. It's a chech restaurant that has been owned by Marie and Sid since the 70's. Marie goes every morning and gets the freshest ingredients. The food is absolutely delicious. It's made from recipes from the old country. They actually go home to the check republic and pick mushrooms for there dishes. Yes they are able to import them! It's the best restaurant i've ever eaten in when it comes to home made. Marie is 70 years old and still goes every day to the fish market and still hand picks the green beans before they are allowed to cook. Good Times is the name of restaurant and it's in tierra verde Florida. I've seen other episodes that showed local places like Ted Peter's smoked fish and the locals actually don't like it. Please give Good Times a shot. Once you taste there food you will understand why I recommend them. Thank you for your support of the businesses that you featured on your show. Good Times will absolutely blow your mind that food came out of a kitchen with one stove!



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