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Monday, July 29, 2013 (269w) 0 Comments  By Sami Bloom

M3 in Somerville, MA is a must visit!

Where else would you look for southern comfort food straight out of Nashville? Try M3, a restaurant that opened about a year ago in Davis Square in Somerville, MA. M3 stands for meat n' three, meaning the main courses on the menu consist of one LARGE plate of meat with deliciously authentic Southern sides. The menu is not too long, which is great because otherwise it would be impossible to choose. Every Monday, something new appears on the menu, and there are daily specials to die for. I have tried all of the meats on the menu, and I have never been disappointed. Last time I went, I left feeling so full I could explode because I could not stop feasting, especially on the deep fried fluffernutter for dessert. You know this is a great restaurant when local college students from Tennessee go here for their fix of Southern dining. The food isn't the only great thing about this place. The walls and tables are all covered in chalkboard paint, making it easy to decorate your own table and even more fun to see what the latest artwork and specials are on the walls. The only downside? It only seats 40, but the crowd moves through quickly enough to never have a long wait. So please come in, and bring me with you when you do!



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