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Wednesday, July 31, 2013 (269w) 0 Comments  By MIKnight13

Bay Area Musts

Guy,I have written before, and I write again to try and make this happen. The first spot is unlike any spot I think you have ever stepped foot in. Like some spots it is small, this place seats 6 people. Like other spots a menu is on the wall, this place also has a hand held menu. And like most places there are some delicious odd combinations of food. But when do you find a 6 seat, counter only, customer created menu diner still run by the guy who started it years ago. Welcome to Jodie's. He makes everything in the place, including the salad dressing. He will decide for you if you can't figure out what to eat. I would love to be in one of the 6 seats when you head there for the show.The other joint is called Millie's. It is your standard diner, except they converted a normal house and made it the restaurant. The food is great, the service is better and the coffee cake is the best ever.Thanks,Chris



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